The final member of this year’s barrel-aged Bastard family is almost here! Winey Bastard is the fourth major release from our extensive barrel-ageing program.  Having spent over a year in Ontario Pinot Noir barrels, the Imperial Stout that went into the barrels has transformed into a rich vinous beer with notes of coffee, chocolate and dark fruits. Boasting a 96 rating on, last year’s batch sold out in four days. A perennial fan-favourite, we’re pretty sure this year’s is going to fly even faster.

While beers were historically stored in wooden barrels, the ageing of beers in barrels which previously held other products is relatively new. Wineries generally only use a barrel three times, but we love playing with them for years to come, pulling increasingly complex flavours and aromas from them year-after-year. The Pinot Noir barrels Winey ages in adds more fruit and floral tannins to an already complex Imperial Stout.

We wax every bottle by hand to ensure the best possible seal, allowing you to age this beauty in your cellar for years to come. We suggest picking up a few bottles: one to drink now, and a couple to age for up to 5 years. You’ll be amazed at how the flavours and aromas develop and mature with time.

Bottles of Winey Bastard will be available in our Burlington Bottle Shop and LCBO shelves starting Thursday March 16.

Very limited quantities available, so don’t delay: get yours today!