Remember, Remember, The Sour of November.

That’s how we think the rhyme should go, anyway. Sure, November 5th is Guy Fawkes Day, but for those of us in Ontario, 11/05 is synonymous with one of the most-anticipated beer releases of the year. That’s because brewmasters and birthday buddies Ryan Morrow (Nickel Brook) and Sam Corbeil (Sawdust City) have a tradition of brewing up some pretty insane high-octane beers and releasing them on their shared birthday. This year is no different, and 11.05 (2017) is ready to drop in our Bottle Shop this Sunday at 11am!

This year’s brew: an Imperial Fruit Sour with Soursop.


“We’ve really been working on a lot of great sours here at Nickel Brook, so we wanted to bring that into the mix this year” says Morrow. “Getting to 11% just means lots more malt and a bit of added sugar (dextrose), and then Sam had the idea of using this Soursop fruit which gives the beer a really unique tropical flavor and creamy mouthfeel.”

Previous incarnations of 11.05 have included an Imperial Saison, a Belgian Triple and a Triple IPA, each brewed to 11.05%. This year’s batch will be released through the Nickel Brook Bottle Shop in Burlington in 375ml bottles and will retail for $4.50/bottle. Only 3000 bottles will be available starting Sunday at 11:05 AM.