Every year, we empty old barrels and fill new ones. That’s when YOU get the chance to grab a couple for yourself. Perfect for homebrewers, woodworkers, decorators or gardeners. These barrels can still be used to age beer, or turned into awesome new projects!

These will be freshly-emptied 200L American Oak Bourbon barrels. They originally held Four Roses, Buffalo Trace or Heaven Hill bourbon. They were then used to age Kentucky Bastard, and then our Cuvee. They will be emptied starting next week, and should be purchased as fresh as possible for best results. We only have about 100 available in total.

Barrels will sell for $125 each, with a bulk discount when purchasing 10 or more (great if a bunch of brewers want to pitch in on a lot).

Anyone interested should contact our Head of Barrel Management Patrick: patrick@nickelbrook.com