When you spend enough time with people, your conversations inevitably turn to what everyone is watching, listening to, and reading. Netflix binges and new albums are always up for debate, and podcast recommendations are always welcome. 99 Percent Invisible, This American Life, Serial, How Did This Get Made; all faves around the brewery. And there some great beer podcasts and YouTube channels as well, like the BAOS Podcast and Drunk Polkaroo’s daily video updates.

Eventually we thought: why not make our own podcast? So we did! Introducing, the Beer Down To A Science Podcast presented by Nickel Brook. Every month, we’ll sit down with experts in their field and dive deep into the science behind our favourite beverage. We’ll tackle the nitty gritty of yeast and hops, chat about trends and fads, and enjoy some tasty brews along the way.

On our inaugural episode, Matt and Cole sit down with The Beer Sisters, Tara and Crystal Luxmore, and talk all things trending in craft beer. They sample home-made glitter beer, discuss the historical rebirth of fruited sours, wade through the haze of New England IPAs and get philosophical about the coming of marijuana beer in Ontario.

Listen here, or subscribe on Spotify. Coming to iTunes and everywhere else you get your podcasts soon!

The Beer Down To A Science Podcast is presented by Nickel Brook Brewing Co. Hosted by Matt Gibson and Cole Mortillaro. Sound editing by Allegra Swanson.