The following is an email message we received from one of our (new!) Nickel Brook Brewing fans about his discovery of our Head Stock IPA. What a lucky find!


“I work night shifts and usually finish work at 7am/8am. A couple weeks ago, I finished work and decided to walk over to Loblaws for a few grocery items we needed. As I was walking through Loblaws’ parking lot, I spied a beer can on the ground and decided to pick it up (10 cents!) but discovered that it wasn’t an empty, but instead a full can of beer – Head Stock India Pale Ale!

Amazed, I checked it further, found it undamaged, so I tucked it in my backpack, went in to Loblaws, got our groceries and then headed off for home. As I was putting our groceries away, my wife asked ‘where did you get the beer’? Told her ‘found it in Loblaws parking lot’. She surmised that someone must’ve bought a few cans of beer in Loblaws and when they were loading up their car.

Have to say, it’s been a very long time since I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a can of domestic Canadian beer. Absolutely delicious! Having just tasted your Head Stock India Pale Ale, I think this beer has just become our household ‘standard’ – trumping anything we’ve previously sampled and enjoyed.

While I’ll still indulge in the odd foreign beer here and there – Head Stock India Pale Ale is now my favourite. I’d love to track down the person(s) that lost that beer – certainly not to return the empty can to them (that would be rude!) but to thank them for making Head Stock IPA my all time favourite Canadian beer. Cheers Nickel Brook! Keep up the great work!

Kindest Regards from a recent Nickel Brook fan and Head Stock IPA fan for life!!!”

– P & P


*Please note that this message was edited for length and clarity*