IPAs are all the rage these days thanks to their superior hoppy flavours and robust aromas; so it makes sense that you want to get the full experience when you drink one. A great way to enjoy everything that your IPA has to offer is to use the right glassware. We recently released our new limited-edition IPA glass, which is perfect for our refreshing IPAs, such as Head Stock, Wicked Awesome, Uncommon Element, and Immodest!

Here’s why you should consider using an IPA glass:



Thanks to the wide mouth on this glass, you’re really able to get the full range of aromas from your IPA whenever you take a sip. Considering that 80% of what we taste comes from smell, having a glass that heightens aromas is a smart choice. This glass is perfectly made for this, with the tapering at the lip purposefully intensifying those hop notes that you love.



The stronger aromas will help make all the subtle flavours in your IPA shine, as your senses work together to really take in all the aspects of the beer. If you drink strong IPAs in this glass (Imperial IPAs in particular, such as Immodest), you’ll notice that because the hoppiness is enhanced, it actually downplays the stronger alcohol flavour. As a result, you’ll taste less of the alcohol, and more of the hops.



Thanks to the shape of the glass, the head of your IPA will be denser and last longer. This fuller head traps carbonation in the beer for a longer time; in other words, this glass actually helps prevent your beer from going flat too fast (No one likes that!).


If you live and breathe hoppy beers, you REALLY need this glass to truly highlight the hoppiness, aromas and well balanced flavours in IPAs

You can buy our new IPA glass on our Online Store, or at our Bottle Shop. It’s 16oz and is only $9 (tax included).