What happens when you spend too much time in space? You start to feel weightless, of course. We blasted a New England IPA into the Stratosphere and when it finally came down, it was practically floating. At a crisp and crushable 4.5%ABV, but packed with tons of dry-hopped citrus hop aromas and juicy hazeboi flavour, this is the perfect Session IPA for passing the time while drifting through the final frontier.

What is a Session IPA?

Modern IPAs (India Pale Ales) like our Head Stock and Wicked Awesome are highly-hopped, high-ABV brews that usually fall in the 5.5 to 7% range. They deliver big on hop flavour and aroma, balanced by sweet malt backbones. By definition, IPAs are bold, hop-forward and somewhat boozy, so a “Session IPA” kind of seems like an oxymoron.

Nevertheless it is an increasingly popular style that combines our love of big hop aromas and flavour with our desire for something light and crushable aka sessionable. Session beers are generally between 3% and 5% ABV, but still deliver on the big flavour of their full-strength siblings. For example: our Cheeky Bastard (4.5%ABV) could be called a Session Stout, bringing the rich roast flavour of Bolshevik Bastard into a lighter format.

TL; DR: A Session IPA is a lighter-bodied IPA that still has lots of great hop flavour and aroma.

Where Can I Find Lost In Orbit?

We’ll be shipping freshly-brewed Lost In Orbit to LCBO stores across Ontario starting today, so you can get your hands on some this weekend! We’ve also put it on tap at all Duke Pubs in Toronto, and will be sending fresh kegs to more of our favourite bars across the province. Let us know where you would like to see fresh cans of Lost In Orbit Session IPA by tweeting us @nickelbrookbeer!