Our newest Funk Lab release is Florida Forensics, a Blood Orange Table Beer. So what is a “table beer”, exactly? Is it made out of tables? How many tables are in each bottle? Can you drink it at the counter, or on the couch instead?

A Brief History of Table Beers

As with many elements of beer history, the term Table Beer is related to British tax law (thrilling, eh?). In medieval Europe, beer was one of the most common beverages consumed by all people, as water was often unsafe to drink. Low-ABV table beers were a staple at meal time for rich and poor alike.

By the 18th century,  beer in the UK was taxed based on strength, with Table Beers becoming the middle category between Strong and Small. In France, Biere de Table was essentially a low-ABV saison – no set recipe or style, just a commonly-consumed light beer made on the farm.

Eventually the term Table Beer fell out of use as tax laws changed and people figured out how to sterilize their drinking water. Modern craft brewers have revived the term, putting their own spin on these easy-drinking ales. American brewers like Allagash and Threes Brewing have taken on the style, and we first took a crack at one last summer with our One Eyed Stag collab with Hambrgr.

Now, just in time for Thanksgiving dinner, we’re bringing a brand new brew to the table.


Florida Forensics

A light-bodied Belgian table beer conditioned on fresh Blood Orange puree, this beer expresses delicate Belgian esters, raspberry and zesty citrus. Pairs beautifully with turkey dinner and pumpkin pie. Florida Forensics drops in our Bottle Shop this Saturday October 6th, in time for your Thanksgiving dinner!

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