Brave Noise

Beer is Beautiful, but there's always been a dark side that's not often talked about.... until now.

Brienne, @ratmagnet started a long overdue conversation, and we're here for it. Over the past few months this strong female Brewer has uncovered and given light to some of this industries darkest moments surrounding racism, harassment and misogyny. It hasn't been easy, but our team here at Nickel Brook has read through each and every post and we suggest you do the same. The sadness and anger we felt reading, pales in comparison to what the strong females in this industry continue to endure. Today and always, we stand with each and every female and especially those who have bravely come forward.

Today we are here to tell you we are doing better and we continue to walk hand in hand with the strong women in our industry and beyond. We will be participating in the Brave Noise Beer Collab and donating 100% of the profits of this beer to Savis of Halton

Along with brewing this beer in late December, we have also made number of changes internally. Please check out our Code of Conduct below or pop by one of our Tap Rooms where you will find this posted.

With love, 

Your friends at Nickel Brook

Code Of Conduct

Nickel Brook Brewery was born from the love of craft & community, and that still holds true today. We strive daily to ensure our brewery is a safe, warm, and welcoming place for everyone, which includes both staff and members of the community. Here at Nickel Brook, we do not, and will not tolerate hate speech, discrimination or harassment of any kind. We welcome any race, religion, marginalized group, and sexual orientation with open arms. We don’t simply accept difference, we applaud it, we support it, and we believe it is necessary for the benefit of our team, our beers, and our community. If this is not your belief, then we kindly ask that you enjoy a beer elsewhere.

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