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Hey hey! Welcome to The Funk Lab.

On any normal day we'd be chatting you up about our latest brew tableside, but right now, in an effort to adhere to social distance parameters and remain as contactless as possible, we set up a little virtual menu for you!

But guess what?

We're still here... look over your shoulder, see that door. Ya, you got it, the one with all the fancy stickers. Walk through that baby and we'll be happy to help you. 


All Cans - $7

All Bottles - $9

Patio Snacks

Bar Nuts
Picard's Sweet and Salty Beer Nuts OR Salted Chip Nuts
- Single order $4 Double order $7.50 
Uber, Sour Beer, Beer Nuts, Bar Nuts
Chips and Dip
Tortilla chips with salsa
- $7.00
Baked Pretzel with Mustard
Soft pretzel served with your choice of regular or Dijon mustard
- $7.00

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  • First time visit and would definitely come back …

    Tammy Wiggins on

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