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4 Pack Sour Sampler

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Can't decide on what to get the beer lover in your life? Well we have the perfect gift for any occasion - our 4 Pack Sour Sampler! This power pack of crushable brews showcases the amazing variety of styles and flavours that can be achieved with a little help from our microbial friends. 
Raspberry Uber: 500mL Bottle | ABV: 3.8%  | IBU: 3
Cucumber Lime Gose: 500mL Bottle | ABV: 4%  | IBU: 0
Peach Uber 500mL Bottle | ABV: 3.8%  | IBU: 3
Pineapple Uber500mL Bottle | ABV: 3.9%  | IBU: 3
Recommended Glassware: Brandy GlassSommelier Glass