Now In Colour - IPA | Nickel Brook & Beer Diversity Collaboration

Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

Now In Colour

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This colourful IPA, brewed in collaboration with our friend Ren from Beer Diversity, will brighten up your palate and your world. Now In Colour is bursting with punchy notes of mandarin, citrus peel, and refreshing pine. Just like Saturday morning cartoons, this juicy IPA hits all the feels. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to SKETCH Toronto - an art community that engages diverse young people to experience the power, leadership and change that art can yield. So grab those crayons and start colouring beyond the lines.
Colour in the can, or click the following link to download a colouring sheet. Make sure to share and tag us with photos of your creative work! 
4x473mL Can | ABV: 6.3%  | IBU: 30