Sponsorship Requests

Deadline For 2017 Event Applications: March 31, 2017

All submissions should be sent to info@nickelbrook.com

Sponsorship Request Requirements

All proposals must include:

  • Date(s) of the event?
  • Event location?
  • Expected attendance?
  • Persons of interest attending?
  • Are you looking to purchase the product?
  • Is it for a charity? If so, please provide the name and charitable number.
  • How much media coverage do you expect?
  • What are you looking to get from us?  Beer, staff, sponsorship?
  • Why do you want Nickel Brook to sponsor your event?
  • Your favourite Nickel Brook beer and a 500-word explanation of why it’s your favorite (APA Style is required.)

We appreciate you wanting Nickel Brook to sponsor your event!

We receive lots of applications, however, we are unable to sponsor every event that submits a proposal and only selected applicants will be contacted.

Thank you for understanding!