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Funk Lab Experimental Lab Series

The Funk Lab is where our greatest experiments are born. The product of innovation, experience, science and a little bit of chance, these are our most cutting-edge brews ever. From gin barrel-aged sours and fruited stouts to spicey saisons and dry IPAs, our brewers are trying it all. Find new bottles at our Bottle Shop and Online Store every month, or sign up for our Subscription Box Club to have them delivered straight to your door.

2019 Funk Lab Beers

Kontiki Bastard - BBA Stout w Toasted Coconut & Cacao Nibs - January

Uncertainty Principle No. 4 - White Wine Golden Sour w Berries - February

Tropic Like It’s Hot - Tropical Fruit IPA - March

Passionfruit Uber - Fruited Berlinerweisse - April

Sultana - Triple Cherry Cascara Saison - May

Blind Pig - Gin Barrel-Aged Gose - June

Dry As Funk - Brett Brut IPA - July

Valkyrie - Norwegian Kviek Pale Ale - August

Insidious - Brett Dry-Hopped Sour - September

Uncertainty Principle No. 5 - BBA Golden Sour - October

Bastardized Pomegranate - Fruited Stout - November

Illumination - Fruited Reserve Ale - December

*BBA = Bourbon Barrel-Aged