Cucumber-lime Gose

4% | 0 IBU

Available: Spring/Summer

A sour beer with sea salt, cucumber and lime juice; sounds insane, right?

Nope, this thirst-quenching Gose (pronounced Gose-Uh) is a perfect balance between tart, refreshing and citric, like a well-crafted cocktail. Named for the Roman goddess of agriculture and crops, Ceres is our tribute to the importance of fresh, natural ingredients. Wheat and barley, cucumbers and limes, Himalayan sea salt and a hit of Lactobaccilus combine for the perfect summer brew. The gods were smiling on our brewers the day they came up with this beauty.

Tart, crisp and fresh, this Gose will soon be gone.

U.S. Open Beer Championship – Gold – 2017
Canadian Brewing Awards – Bronze – 2017

Available:  Bottle Shop and LCBO