About Us


Nickel Brook has been one of the leading players in the Ontario Craft Beer movement since our founding in 2005.  Taking the lead from our motto “Beer, Down to a Science” our brewers combine premium ingredients, DIY creativity and a depth of technical expertise to create world-class beers.  Our award-winning core brands, Cause & Effect Blonde, Naughty Neighbour APA and Head Stock IPA, continue to grow as some of the most popular craft beers in Ontario.

At the same time, our huge selection of seasonal and one-off speciality beers gives our brewers the freedom to try their hand at anything new that strikes their fancy. Our fans know that they can always expect something original, unique and delicious coming out of our tanks.

In 2016, we transformed our original Burlington brewery into the Funk Lab, a facility dedicated solely to small-batch funk and sour beers. The first of its kind in Canada, we strive to be industry leaders in exploring how unique yeast and bacteria strains can elevate craft beer to new heights of flavour.  We also boast a massive barreling program, aging beer in over 400 whisky, wine, gin and tequila barrels, evoking further depth and complexity. Through all of these channels and techniques, Nickel Brook has crafted a reputation as one of the most exciting breweries in the country.

Come hang out at our Tap Room, or find us in an LCBO, Beer Store, bar or restaurant near you today. Cheers!