Better Stories

In Oak We Trust

Barrel aged beers are a labour of love. They take time and patience. Choosing the right barrels have taken our brewers all over North America in hot pursuit of their next blended creation. Like a Chef in their kitchen, our brewers ‘A little of this’ and a ‘little of that’  to each every barrel we house. You never know the true goodness of the glorious favour until the barrel is tapped years later.

Tastefully Sustainable

Learning to brew took us time, trial and error, but being a good neighbour, that’s something we were always pretty good at. From loaning our brewing facilities to a bag of hops, we have always loved being a part of this neighbourhood of Ontario craft brewers. Giving back will always be important to us, and these days, we’re doing our very best to give back to this beautiful world that surrounds us. That’s why we donate over 322 000 tonnes of our grain to local farmers to feed their animals and use our barrel wood for decor and signage throughout our tap rooms and restaurant partners.

Drink Fresh Or Die Tryin'

We think being the best is kind of overrated. We find comfort and humility in being good. We're always striving to be the goodest, and we all know the goodest IPA’s are best served fresh and with the most incredible hops. Good hops come at a steep price and back in 2013 our Brewmaster knew to take our flagship brand, Head Stock, to the next level, we had to invest in the best hops! When we were growing money was tight, so our Brewmaster offered to hand over his savings to make a great beer even better. This is the kind of passion that goes into every beer we brew. So, we bought the hops and our Brewmaster made a beer that continues to stand the test of time. 

Give For The Grain

Our world is a complicated place, but there are few things that are pretty darn simple. Give, love and lead with kindness. This doesn't always mean understanding everything life throws our way but our team here is always here for it. Learning and offering a helping hand is kinda our jam. Around here we like to brew with our hands and our hearts through philanthropic efforts like our Provincial wide Cause for a Cause program and Small Batch release collabs and donations.


Guided By Wisdom

We’ve been around for a while now. We aren’t chasing the next big thing. We know what works and what doesn’t and we continue to root ourselves in what is authentically 'us'. We started our humble brewing roots as a U Brew; an educational community hub where our friends and family learned to brew alongside us. We’ve come a long way, but through this journey we’ve never forgotten where we started. 

Think Outside The Tank

We might know what works, but we also love pushing the boundaries to what’s possible. Our Brewers, and entire Nickel Brook Team, are continually dreaming up brews and beverages that push the traditional brewing limits. Ever tried a 3% IPA that packs all the flavour and aroma of a DIPA? It’s a pretty standard occurrence around here! Our Brewers put ingredients, innovation and flavour at the forefront of everything they do and we’re all lucky enough to reap the benefits!