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Peach Uber Berlinerweisse

Our Uber Family grows as we introduce this colourful brew to the lineup. Our Brewers have done it again, this time with the addition of loads of fresh Peach puree to our beloved Uber Berliner Weisse base. The result is a bright Sour Wheat Beer with a delicious fruited backbone that yearns for hot summer days, and cool summer nights. Our Peach Uber is tart and refreshingly sour on the palate. Bursting with Peach and stone fruit flavour and aroma, it pours hazy with a thin effervescent head. This light-bodied ale has grainy wheat and earthy notes that lead to a refreshing crisp finish.

Perfect for sour sippin' in any season. Prost! 

 ABV: 3.8%  | IBU: 3

Available Summer