Cheeky Bastard Moustache Wax - Sandalwood and Bourbon scent
Sandalwood and Bourbon scented Moustache Wax

Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

Cheeky Bastard Moustache Wax

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Introducing our Cheeky Bastard Moustache Wax! A tool that every true gentleman needs to shape and hold their luxurious moustache. Inspired by the classy man on the can, our premium wax is a warming Sandalwood & Bourbon scent. It is bold, rich, intoxicating, and breathes life into your nose cozy like no other. It is best applied while sipping the roasted chocolaty goodness that is Cheeky Bastard Stout
Help raise Movember awareness, and get growing.
14.2 ml | 0.5 oz