How To Pair Beer w Legal Weed

We’re pretty experienced at pairing beer with food around here. We love matching a big-hop IPA with spicy jalepeno poppers or a funky blue cheese with a roasty stout. We’ve never really thought about pairing the flavours and aromas in our beer with the flavours and aromas in marijuana, UNTIL TODAY!

Disclaimer: All information below is merely for educational purposes. Please enjoy legal products responsibly.


Marijuana contains a metabolite known as terpenes [tur-peens] that give different marijuana strains their distinctive flavours, aromas and colours.Terpenes are completely natural, just like the alpha acids in hops, and occur in all manner of plants, fruits and vegetables. These terpenes evolved to attract pollinators to the plant, but can also be appreciated by human consumers.

With a better understanding of the different strains and terpenes out there, we can pick the perfect beer to responsibly enjoy with your next toke.


Pinene (pine) Also found in orange peel and pine needles, this is a very common terpene in several strains, such as Tweed’s Penelope and Afficionado’s In The Pines. Our Naughty Neighbour showcases beautiful pine resin and citrus notes from the West Coast hops, creating a nice complementary balance with this terpene.


Humulene (hoppy, earthy) – This beauty of a terp is actually found in hops as well, so it only makes sense to pair it with one of our Hop Bombs! Head Stock, Wicked Awesome or Immodest would all match up perfectly with strains like White Widow or Headband. Head Stock + Headband? Rock on!

Limonene (citrus) – Limonene is aptly named, boasting lovely lemon/citrus notes. Found in the popular Sour Diesel, this uplifting terpene is also found in the rinds of many citrus fruits. Pair with a bottle of our Cucumber Lime Gose or Blood Orange Table Beer for a citrus explosion.


Myrcene (earthy, musky, fruity)  The most common terpene in cannabis, Myrcene also pops up in hops, mangos and lemongrass. It’s sometimes associated with “couch lock” in high-indica strains, so be prepared for a Netflix-and-Chill kinda night. Popular strains include Blue Dream and Fruit Spirit, which can be paired with a nice glass of Uncommon Element, our funky Brett pale ale. It’s complex but approachable, with notes of mango and barnyard, bringing you back down to earth.

Linalool (floral, spicy) – Commonly thought to aid stress relief and inflammation, linalool is also found in lavender and coriander, making it a perfect match for our Duplicitous Dry-Hopped Gose, brewed with Indian Coriander. Light and tangy with a hint of salt and spice, Duplicitous matches nicely with a hybrid strain like Fire OG.


Caryophyllene (peppery, spicy) – Our Cuvee Spiced Ale is already brimming with caryophyllene, and we didn’t even know it. Present in cinnamon, cloves and black pepper (all ingredients in our Cuvee spice blend), buds with this terpene present distinctive warm, spicy notes. Look for strains like Northern Lights or Balmoral, pour a snifter of Cuvee and enjoy sweater weather.


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