Introducing Uncertainty Principle No. 4

2 Year Old Golden Sour in White Wine barrels blended and aged on Cranberries and Golden Berries.

It's time for the 4th installment of Uncertainty Principle, and this time our experiments resulted in a punchy, puckering, berrylicious blend.

The Uncertainty Principle project developed out of our love for long-term barrel-souring, blending and ageing on fresh fruit. As much an art as a science, this approach to making beer hearkens back to some of the oldest styles and brewing cultures around the world, creating layers of flavour and complexity that only come with time in oak. Every few months are brewers select a handful of barrels containing 1-2 year aged sours. These select barrels are blended, aged on fruit, and bottled only when the time is right.

In a nod to the constant evolution of this series, our brewers back-blend a portion of the previous Uncertainty Principle batch, creating an ongoing lineage from iteration to iteration.

For volume 4, we’ve lightened things up a bit, opting for a golden ale base, soured in white wine barrels. We’ve then added cranberries and golden berries for amplified tart and sweet fruit notes, and a hint of rose gold in the colour. A higher ABV also adds subtle boozy sweetness, cutting the acidity a touch.

Uncertainty Principle No. 4 will be available for pre-orders on the Nickel Brook Online Store on Wednesday Feb 13th, and in the Bottle Shop on Friday Feb 15th.

If you missed out on the previous Uncertainty Principles, not to worry! There are still a few Uncertainty Principle No. 2, and Uncertainty Principle No. 3 bottles available online and at the Bottle Shop.