Introducing Blind Pig


Gin Giggle Water

What’s even better than an amazing Gose? An amazing Gose that’s been gin barrel-aged, of course!

Wonderfully bright and botanical, this beer has dropped just in time for the summer heat. When spirits, barrel-aging, and beer combine, magical things happen— try it for yourself!

Taste: Flavours of cardamon, coriander seeds, and juicy fruity notes of orris root and juniper.

Look: Pale golden in colour with a rich lingering pristine white head.

Aroma: Notes of ginger and juniper, followed by oak and zesty citrus.

Food Pairing: Teriyaki marinated Salmon, barbecued on an aromatic cedar plank. For dessert, a fresh cup of Elder Flower sorbet and a fresh sprig of mint.

Blind Pig is EXCLUSIVELY available for purchase at our Bottle Shop and through our Online Store. Grab a few bottles before they’re gone!

500mL | ABV: 7% | IBU: 0 | $7.50