What the Heck Is Kveik?

What the heck is _Kveik_.png

Since we released our latest Funk Lab brew “Beach Goon” (a Kveik Pale Ale), a lot of people have asked us, “what the heck is kveik?”

Here are some fun facts about this tasty Norwegian farmhouse yeast:

  • Kveik is pronounced “ka-wike” (rhymes with bike).

  • The term "kveik" does not refer to a style of beer, but to the type of yeast used in traditional Norwegian farmhouse brewing.

  • Farmers and homebrewers would store their yeast logs/rings, and wake up the cultures when it was time to brew.

  • Although it is a “farmhouse” yeast, it does not have the typical flavours of a farmhouse yeast. Instead, it comes across as more of a regular ale yeast.

  • Kveik beers ferment quickly, and are very stable to brew with (they don’t usually result in “off” flavours).

Overall, Kveik is a flexible and versatile choice to brew with— allowing homebrewers and professional brewers alike to make many different styles from this humble farmhouse yeast.